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well today was the worst day of my life! well first wee were suppose tro go shopping but we didnt and i didnt know why exactly then my dad said that our dog zeus ran away yesterday and he still isnt back and he thought that something was wrong cuz he never runs away this long cuz hes getting really old! so then we went looking for him and then we saw him on the side of the road with a big cut on his head and a broken leg! my dad picked him up and put him in the back of the truck! i was freakin out and when my dad got in the truck i asked if he was dead and he said yea! then i started bawling! then we got hoime and everyone came over and they were all crying! then we burried him and said a prayer! if u knew zeus u would know how much important he is to me and my family! we had him for 9 years! im still crying and it was at 1 and its now 3! Well i g2g but ill update later with a picture of him!


lyl chaslyn <3
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