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so im just sitting here being bored! well yeah so today i guess waaas fun...well besides in socila studies when charlie, mike and lindsay were saying crap about jefff and i got mad at lindsay but i told her that i wasnt because she was being a total brat! ughh im sick of people talkin crap bout him when half of it isnt even true!!! well then to top it all off when i was walking home with ashley chase a kid asked me if i remembered him and i was like no and he was like o well im your neighbor and i was like oooo and he was like yeah you dont remember when me and your boyfriend walked to your house and i was like who?? and he was like cody mccombs and i was like umm hes not my boyfriend and he was like o im sorry and i said for what and he said that we made a "perfect" couple and i was lkie ooo and yeah so then he was like so now who do you go out with and i was like jeff and he was like oo i dont know him i dont think and i was like o and he said well see ya and i said sure! lol so yeah! well im gonna go! ill update later when i feel like it! 
                                          -:-love yaz!! <3 chaslyn!-:-
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