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well today at 2:30 in the morning my parents left for LAS it's just me,my sis,and her boyfriend brian, at the house right now so we should have fun! today after school sam and me walked home from school today then tried to call jeff but he wasnt home so then we called charlie and asked him if he knew where he was and he said no and so me and sam talked to him for awhile then we walked to E&A and then we saw jeff so hen we went to the varsity soccer game for like 5 miniutes then we started walking home and my sister came driving past on her way home from work so then she picked us up and drove us home then we just ahng out and laughed.....alot! (thats what me and her do the most when we hang out!! :-D ) yeah so then i ahd to do my chores so she left and i did ALL my chores and now im just sitting here being REALYY bored while my sister is at college until 8:30 and brian wont get here until around 8:30-9ish! so im here all alone and im kinda!
friday-honor roll field trip....tooo bad i didnt make it! :( then im going home and probably doing more chores cuz theres nothing else to do! then i MIGHT be able to go to the movies with sam and megan
Sunday~ i get to go to sam's house until tuesday!
Tuesday! school then i get to get picked up from my mom! they get hoem around 7 am!! then i get my present(s)! :)
So yeah my weekend is pretty much packed but i can still make time for you!! lol!
WEll love ya lots...i think! lol <3
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