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well, me and jeff i think broke up but im actually loving being single!! but ok heres the whole story! well i took out jeffs name from my profile cuz my name wasnt in his! so then he got all p-oed and said "i see that my name isnt uin your pro, so i guess that that means that we broke up" and at the time i had an away message up and it said swimming but i actually wasnt =D so then i read what he said and i typed back what!! and he was like dont act stupid i was like i took your name off cuz mine wasnt in yours and im not acting stupid. so then we got in this huge argument and so then i called sam and told her to get on aim to ask jeff if we broke up and she said that he said that he doesnt care so then she said what you dont care bout chaslyn or your relationship and he said i dont know then he signed off like he always does when he gets mad so then i asked if she would call him and tell him that if hes going to like all these girls and not even care about me then its over and so then 6 miniutes later i called her to see what he said and she said that his siter answered and saidf that he went someplace with his sister so she couldnt tell him. so then nina called me with charlie *(her boyfriend)* 3 wayed and i asked if he would call jeff cuz they were like best friends so then he did and his sister said that same thing then nina had to go and then charlie was like hold on i have a beep and i was like ok. then he said that it was jeff and that jeff didnt say anything like that. andf i was like umm yeah he did. so then nina called again and me,her,and charlie talked for like 2 hours (no joke) so then i was like charlie can you call jef after this and tell him that its over, and he was like sure. so then im guessing that im single!! =)
well g2g but ttyl love ya lots! chaslyn <33
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