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lat night....movies

yea so im pretty mad at jeff...well first i asked him a week before if he could go to the movies and he said idk if i can so then i ask him friday if he was gonna go to the movies tonight and he said the sam thing so then i call him after practice then his sister said that he was at williams and that he wasnt comin backuntil saturday(today) so then i just went to the movies dateless and everyone else had a date then i thought that he would at least call me but he didnt so yea guys ARE JERKS and i dont think that im never goin to find one that isnt :(
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k well he called and told me that he couldnt go cuz of no $$$$$ so yea!! well just wanted to say that!! lyl!
chas its ok i kno how u feel like kevin he likes me and someone that is 15 but he likes her more and she sadi she would never go out wit him bc hes only 11!!!!! yea! so u kno and she has a bf well lyl bubi!

yea i dont know much bout this "kevin" kid but i think you and kyle make a "PERFECT" couple and you shouldnt braek his heart for someone who doesnt like you more than a girl he cant have a he sounds like he into "older" girls but lyl too babe i cant wait to see your new house!!!!!! well g2g